AV Expert Tips for Mastering Audience Engagement

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Panasonic Connect designs AV technology solutions with audience engagement in mind. From audio systems to digital projectors and digital signage to a live video production platform, we offer a range of innovative AV technologies to help event planners foster strong connections with audiences via stunning experiences.

No matter which audience you're trying to reach, from students in the classroom to esports fans in a stadium, there are various techniques and technologies you can leverage to captivate your audience, create immersive experiences, and leave a lasting impact. Let's explore ten tips for engaging audiences using Panasonic Connect technologies, supported by examples of how the strategies and solutions have helped shape audio-visual experiences in different sectors. Through crystal-clear sound, stunning visuals, and interactive 4K displays, we help build a path to meaningful interactions that will stay with people long after they see, hear, and feel them.

1. Stimulate Audience Engagement by Providing a Story-Driven Experience

Whether you're highlighting a new retail product on a digital 4K display or explaining a pivotal point in history, there should be a story behind your message. While pro display technology can help captivate your audience, the story helps keep them engaged. The technology should also support the story, which means creating quality audio-visual elements that the viewer will remember.

How does this play out in practice? Consider using design elements like colors and fonts to move people through the narrative, subtly guiding them in where to look and what to feel.

Solid storytelling also means having mastery over your content sequencing, so you should be able to schedule and switch shots at will. Our KAIROS live event production platform provides you with precise control over how you tell your story.

CASE STUDY: Ravenscroft Hall

Ravenscroft Hall in Scottsdale, Arizona, makes a business of telling stories. This state-of-the-art music venue features a 200-seat concert hall and a jazz lounge that hosts top-tier jazz performances and local musicians. It has elevated the standards for performing arts venues by integrating KAIROS into its video production system.

The Hall's designers prioritized incorporating a recording studio and top-notch audiovisual technology to deliver exceptional musical experiences. Together, these products create an entire ecosystem for crafting stunning narratives, including AW-UE150 4K 60p PTZ cameras and IMAG digital screens in its halls and overflow areas.

KAIROS is at the heart of the ecosystem, enabling the venue to produce and archive performances, stream video, and project IMAG to different areas. The flexibility and advanced capabilities of the platform ensure a seamless and immersive experience for all audiences attending performances at Ravenscroft Hall.

CASE STUDY: GGGLUE & Avant-Gardner

GGGLUE is an innovation company that strives to offer cutting-edge immersive events. Partnering with artists and Avant-Gardner, GGGLUE produces next-level, highly visual concert experiences in Brooklyn, New York.

A key component of those events' immersive setup is the LED wall, which is the largest at any performance venue in the Western Hemisphere. It utilizes our KAIROS live production platform for real-time control over the visuals displayed to create seamless, elevated performances that engage the audience and leave lasting memories.

2. Amplify Audience Engagement by Creating a Rich Audio-Visual Experience

High-quality narrative content should be supported by high-quality audio-visual solutions. 

At Panasonic Connect, we offer a range of innovative solutions that help create rich experiences for audiences, from microphones to cameras to projectors. Our projection technologies include high-resolution 4K projectors that produce crystal-clear images, solid-shine laser projectors that push image brightness and color accuracy to unprecedented levels, and large-venue projectors, like the PT-RQ50KU 4K laser projector offering 50,000 lumens of brightness, that have proven popular for organizations wanting a truly immersive experience. 

CASE STUDY: LUMA Arts Festival

Since 2015, Binghamton, New York has partnered with Panasonic Connect to power its annual LUMA Projection Arts Festival. The event pushes our video projector technology to the max, throwing large images onto buildings around the city to wow its residents and the large contingent of visitors. Outdoor projectors used in the Festival in 2023 included the PT-RZ21KI three-chip DLP laser projector. A trio of these projectors, each radiating 21,000 lumens of brilliance, were utilized by the artists to morph an entire structure into an extraterrestrial terrain.

CASE STUDY: Cottonwood Creek

When Cottonwood Creek in Allen, Texas experienced a rapid expansion of its congregation, it turned to technology to ensure all worshippers — both in-person and online — could feel welcome and connected to the community. The house of worship needed a solution that met the needs of their growing church and those of the surrounding community, and our technology ecosystem fit the bill. 

PTZ and studio cameras, matched with our dynamic KAIROS live production platform, enable the church to host a variety of services and shows with the assurance they can connect with every single person in the room. KAIROS also allows them to livestream programs to remote congregants so they don't miss a moment of the action.    

3. Increase Audience Engagement by Offering an Informative Experience

Entertainment doesn't need to be the only reason for an experience. An event can also provide audiences with complex information in an engaging and/or inspiring way.


Digital projectors can create captivating experiences that inform and educate audiences. One example is the Expressions of America exhibition at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. Partnering with Panasonic Connect, the museum used projection mapping technology to help illustrate how WWII affected Americans at home and on the front.

The exhibition used personal accounts from soldiers and civilians to educate a new generation about one of the most challenging times in world history and keep the memory alive. It leveraged eight laser projectors (six PT-RQ50KU units, a PT-RQ22KU, and a PT-RQ32KU) to display this footage on the museum's buildings and canopy.


In Juneau, Alaska, TV channel KTOO broadcasts live footage from the legislature to keep residents across the state up to date on what's happening in government. This effort supports their Gavel Alaska program, which provides unedited live and recorded coverage of the state's government activities.

The channel worked with the Alaska Legislative Affairs Agency to deploy 39 Panasonic PTZ cameras around the building, updating its existing fleet with a mixture of high-definition and ultra-high definition 4K resolution. Designed for remote control via NDI interfaces, the broadcast camera solution empowered remote production teams to keep Alaskans informed more efficiently, no matter when major news breaks.

4. Inspire Audience Engagement by Making It an Immersive Experience

You don't need virtual reality headsets to feel surrounded by the action; one of the most captivating things about large-venue projection is its ability to create fully immersive experiences.

At Panasonic Connect, we often work with clients to transform large spaces with immersive displays. Aside from the ability to throw images far and wide, one of the key capabilities of our professional projectors is projection mapping. This powerful technique, driven by a combination of sophisticated hardware and smart software, analyzes video content and the surfaces on which it will be displayed before mapping the two together. The result? A building that springs to life with animated sequences. An image that caresses a curved surface, wrapping it in color to become an immersive display in its own right.

Projection mapping impresses audiences the world over by reinventing spaces and painting them with light to create imaginative new worlds. This technique calls for digital projectors with a range of capabilities. We offer a variety of projectors suitable for projection mapping, including the ET-DLE020 short throw projector that can be easily placed in tight exhibition spaces, the easy-to-install PT-RQ35KU digital projector, and the larger, brighter PT-RQ50KU large venue projector for the most challenging large-area projections.

We also provide media processors like the ET-FMP50 Series, announced in 2024, which can manipulate multi-projection workflows with features like manual or camera-based automatic warping and blending. These devices also offer real-time auto-tracking projection mapping capabilities, which can project images onto moving objects to create a whole new kind of artistic reality.

CASE STUDY: Illuminarium

When the need arises, we pull out all the stops to research innovative new solutions for immersive partnerships. Our work with immersive entertainment company Illuminarium saw us develop a new ultra-short throw lens, the ET-D3QW200, to power a new set of fully immersive entertainment events. These included WILD, a safari experience that puts the audience in the middle of the action on the savannah. The lenses used in the exhibition bring viewers up close to the action, creating a pro display unencumbered by the awareness of the high-quality equipment making the magic.

5. Boost Audience Engagement by Personalizing the Experience

When a speaker is addressing an audience on the stage, it's imperative that they seem up close and personal, even if they're an entire conference hall away.

That's where advanced PTZ camera technology comes into its own. With PTZ cameras, event planners can keep the audience's eyes on the action, even as it moves around the stage. With AI-powered auto-tracking software, these cameras can detect people and move to stay focused on them automatically, delivering a personal experience to every member of the audience.

Camcorders and shoulder-held cameras also enable operators to move around on stage without disrupting performances, putting the audience in the thick of the action. This is especially useful for musical events.

CASE STUDY: GlobeStream

Full-service event production company GlobeStream Media is on a mission to deliver innovative, immersive experiences to audiences across the globe. To make good on this mission, it uses top-notch broadcast technology to create and deliver high-quality video content, including for USA Softball's GOLD National Championships.

GlobeStream has worked with USA Softball to livestream the GOLD National Championships, their premiere youth tournament, for the past few years. This enables fans and player families who are not able to travel to the games to get the in-person experience and cheer on their teams from home. KAIROS is an integral component of the event's streaming setup, offering control over the multi-camera production — which included four AW-UE40 4K/30P Ultra Quiet PTZ Cameras across four fields during the 2023 preliminaries and three PAG-CX350 4K Handheld Camcorders and three AW-UE40 4K/30P Ultra Quiet PTZ Cameras during the finals — from a single dashboard. 

6. Encourage Audience Engagement by Crafting an Interactive Experience

Engaging with an audience doesn't necessarily have to mean one-way communication; it can also mean two-way interaction. In some cases, giving eventgoers some power over the information they get — including what, when, and how — can go a long way in attaining and maintaining their interest. 

Our interactive display devices help turn communication into conversation. For example, our large touch screen display products ensure that access to the right information is always at the viewer's fingertips. They are useful beyond environments such as retailers and museums; the TH-65BQ1W 65" Class 4K touch-screen display makes an excellent interactive whiteboard to help fulfill classroom engagement strategies.

Other technologies that support audience interaction include commercial displays and professional projectors. For example, they can be used for gamification techniques like leaderboards to inspire audiences to action by illustrating how their performance compares to other participants.

AI has also become a rich ingredient in interactive experiences. For example, the POVCAM — a combined compact 4K camera head and controller package — enables museums to capture high-resolution images of viewers and use software to transform them into artworks as part of an AI video wall experience.

CASE STUDY: Wichita YMCA (interactive classes at home)

How does a leisure center keep its members fit when everyone is isolating at home? That was the challenge facing the Greater Wichita YMCA, which had spent years operating a world-class fitness facility at its premises in Kansas. The organization stepped up by launching YMCA 360, an online platform offering remote exercise classes to its members.

The YMCA leveraged three Panasonic AW-UE150 4K PTZ camera systems alongside the Tecnopoint Totem 80 robotic system to achieve full coverage of fitness instructors as they filmed over 1,000 on-demand classes in cardio, weight training, yoga, and Pilates. The YMCA has also made this content available to over 60 of its counterparts elsewhere, providing remote members everywhere with a way to keep in shape.

7. Improve Audience Engagement by Building an Adaptive Experience

As AV technology gets smarter, organizations have more opportunities to create truly adaptive solutions that fulfill the demands of their events and audiences in innovative ways.

By combining our various AV solutions, companies can create a flexible and scalable system that suits a variety of needs. For example, our displays, cameras, microphones, and KAIROS live production platform can be brought together to build a space that supports AV applications ranging from event broadcasting to content creation to 3D modeling. 

CASE STUDY: Digital Creative Lab at USC

While the idea for the Digital Creative Lab at the University of South California (USC) may have originally stemmed from the desire for an esports venue for the university's esports club team, the state-of-the-art facility supports more than esports gaming and streaming. Designed to be an event space, it can hold a couple hundred people, but it also houses the technology students need for esports training and broadcasting, podcasting, live streaming, and more.

KAIROS powers the esports production control room, serving as a user-friendly broadcast-tier live production platform that is easy to learn and use for both students and staff. Combined with projectors, flat panels, PTZ cameras, and other AV elements, it produces a connected AV ecosystem that supports a sandbox environment for students, enabling them to create and share content easily and independently. 

The Digital Creative Lab is built with flexibility and scalability in mind. It can be used as a regular classroom and as a full high-end broadcast space, depending on the application. It also has cloud options that enable overflow outside the lab, so eventgoers aren't bound to a single area.  


8. Raise Audience Engagement by Forging a Reliable Experience

Nothing turns off an audience faster than an equipment outage. It can be embarrassing for an organization trying to present a professional image and engage an audience.

Thankfully, our clients can avoid this issue with our reliable, professional AV tech solutions. For example:

  • Our laser projectors are more reliable than bulb-based projectors, with far fewer maintenance incidents. Additional measures such as dust protectors also reduce the need for repair while maintaining image quality. Another advantage of lasers is that they stay bright until the end of life, whereas lamps grow dimmer over time.
  • Our entry-level commercial display products for digital signage are designed with a higher level of resilience in mind. They can run for far longer than consumer displays with no glitches or outages.
  • Our Early Warning and Control Software (EWS) allows organizations to monitor up to 2048 devices from a browser. It can even predict when cleaning and consumable parts will be required, which helps in planning maintenance and procurement operations.  

CASE STUDY: Liberty Science Center

The Liberty Science Center (LSC) in New Jersey has been delighting audiences with stunning science and natural history exhibits since 1993. One of its premier exhibits, Skyscraper! Achievement & Impact, ran for at least ten years without a technical hitch, thanks to four Panasonic edge-blending projectors. They created a massive 30-foot-high projection of skyscraper imagery, running for ten hours each day, seven days per week.

"I've been with the museum ten years, and from then until now is an awful lot of runtime without any problems. I’ve worked with products from many other manufacturers in the past and can’t cite a single one that could, in my opinion, compete with that record." — Senior Exhibit Technician, Liberty Science Center

9.  Increase Audience Engagement by Constructing an Easy-To-Configure Experience

Getting information across effectively and efficiently is a primary goal in any audience engagement situation. Equipment configuration shouldn't be an obstacle, which makes easy setup and operation the keys to success.

Our AV technology solutions are designed for ease of use. For example, our laser projectors are often involved in highly sophisticated professional displays with multiple units working together. This requires pinpoint accuracy, which can be easily achieved with our Geometry Manager Pro software that offers surgical control over geometric adjustments, edge blending, and black levels.

Our products also provide varying support for standards such as the SMPTE ST 2110 broadcast protocol, enabling fast, reliable connections from our range of cameras to our KAIROS live video production platform. Other standards such as Network Device Interface (NDI) allow video sources in multicamera production environments to share cabling for fast video source integration and control.

CASE STUDY: DaVinci Experience

The organizers of an exhibition featuring the life and work of Leonardo DaVinci faced a big problem: COVID made it difficult for production teams in Italy and Mexico to travel to the exhibition site in Tsawwassen, British Columbia.

They created a media service that could run the audio-video system through Panasonic HD projectors, including several PT-VMZ60 1080p projector units. The video server controlled the service via a PJ Link interface, which allows manipulation of power, input switching, and volume while providing feedback on projector health. The result? An installation that ran like clockwork, automatically turning itself on and off at the end of the day.

10. Strengthen Audience Engagement by Enabling Experiences from Anywhere

Live streaming has become an increasingly important element of live events, largely thanks to the pandemic. For organizations that want to capitalize on live streaming opportunities, having equipment that can support both remote video production and remote audience viewing is imperative.

Panasonic Connect solutions use IP-based broadcast standards like SMPTE ST 2110, which communicates uncompressed audio and video for processing via standard IP networks. For live streaming to audiences, they support Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP), Secure Reliable Transport (SRT), and the legacy Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).

CASE STUDY: Sioux City Symphony

The pandemic might have disrupted life in 2020-21, but it didn't stop the music from playing at the Sioux City Symphony. The Iowa-based orchestra worked with us to create a live-streaming setup with feeds from different cameras. This provided varied views of the orchestra for remote audiences. The multicamera live production signals reached the internet via an AV-UHS500 switching system.

Begin Elevating Your Audience Engagement

At Panasonic Connect, our rich expertise in immersive audio-visual entertainment and live event production makes us an ideal partner in the competition for audience attention. With our solutions and services, you can establish an AV tech ecosystem that ensures the quality and impact of the audience experience. To learn more about how we can help you create engaging events, talk to us today.