Panasonic Transports Visitors Through Artists’ Imaginations at LUMA Projection Arts Festival

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Since 2015, LUMA Projection Arts Festival (LUMA) has given visual artists the freedom to transform historic architecture into immersive visual experiences unlike any other. By utilizing Panasonic’s 4K laser projectors, lenses and projection mapping technologies, artists are able to transform their visual imaginations into works of colorful and immersive art installations bringing together the entire city of Binghamton NY. The transformation of the urban landscape of downtown Binghamton, into a visual story telling journey will take place from Friday, September 10 – Saturday, September 11, 2021.

As a LUMA strategic partner, Panasonic’s PT-RQ22KU, PT-RZ21KU and PT-RZ31KU 3-Chip DLP® SOLID SHINE  laser projectors, along with a wide range of Panasonic lenses, will be used across a variety of festival locations to bring artists’ visions to life. All of the laser projectors streamline the set-up and execution of each installation, while offering high reliability ensuring the visuals are clear, crisp and vibrant throughout the entire event.

“Panasonic technology and engineering support has given LUMA the ability to focus on our primary vision --- telling stories from cutting edge artists,” said Tice Lerner, LUMA Co-Founder. “Having the best image quality at our fingertips with a team of engineers that know their tech inside and out is game changing.”

A Journey Through the Visual Installations

Panasonic enables LUMA to transform the historic architecture of downtown Binghamton, NY into a digital fine art visual display with large 3D projection mapping technology as the artistic medium. Panasonic’s high-brightness, high-performance and reliable technology provides easy-to-use, pre-programmable and sustainable capabilities perfect for the event, allowing the artists to simplify the projection mapping process by covering the entire building with perfectly blended visuals.

“We noticed an immediate difference in quality when using a Panasonic laser projector for the first time,” said Joshua Bernard, Co-Founder and Operations Director for LUMA. “There was something almost surreal about the vibrancy and contrast compared to what we were used. Panasonic’s technology is core to delivering the level of illusion and excitement that LUMA creates for guests.”

Take a journey below through some of the immersive outdoor gallery installations thanks to Panasonic’s 4K projection technology.

Cheerful Nightmare.jpg

Cheerful Nightmare by Maxin10sity takes visitors on a trip to their favorite amusement park. Integrating three PT-RZ31KU 3-Chip DLP® SOLID SHINE projectors (WUXGA resolution) with three ET-D75LE20 lenses, a Cheerful Nightmare pays tribute to the classic county carnival with an added suspenseful illusion.


In the depths of darkness, a single flickering light transforms the world around visitors. Light Harvest utilizes ten PT-RZ21KU 3-Chip DLP® SOLID SHINE projectors (WUXGA resolution) with ten ET-D75LE20 lenses to create Firefly, a visual scenery taking viewers on a journey of illuminated curiosity. The light of the firefly exposes the energy that is hiding behind every crevice and corner of the structure it is projected onto.

“Panasonic's high lumen laser projection technology has actually made us rethink how we approach color and brightness in our traditional video mapping workflow,” stated Ryan Uzilevsky of Light Harvest Studio. “For the first time since doing this type of work, I have needed to dial back the settings in my digital file. The projectors are so powerful on-site, even on variable and textured surfaces of these old buildings.”


Mindscape formulated COSMOGONIA driven by the belief everything we have ever known or thought to have understood could be disrupted by an unimaginable force that will transform people’s understandings of the world around them. With three PT-RZ21KU 3-Chip DLP® SOLID SHINE projectors and three ET-D75LE20 lenses, the artist unlocks the mysteries of the past, before human record keeping documented and witnessed the transformations of nature, humankind and more.

“When I heard the festival works with Panasonic’s projection technology, I couldn't be more confident that COSMOGONIA will look outstanding on the facade of The Carnegie Library in Binghamton,” shared Dorel Naste, creative director of Mindscape Studio. “We used Panasonic projectors in a lot of our projects because they are reliable, have vivid colors and produce a great quality picture. For us, the technology we use is of the same importance as the story we tell.”


As the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) projection mapping, Sila Sveta utilizes four PT-RQ22KU 3-Chip DLP® SOLID SHINE projectors with 4K+ resolution and four ET-D75LE6 lenses to facilitate an artistic exploration of the building’s architectural structure through an advanced algorithmic lens. The crisp visuals display an artistic look into how machine learning can be used to develop cutting-edge artwork.


The Spirit of the Building is the world’s premier of The Invisible Showman, a virtual entertainer and multi-talented performer. Working in collaboration with Freckled Sky, the artists will leverage four PT-RZ21KU 3-Chip DLP® SOLID SHINE projectors and four ET-D75LE30 lenses to transform the Showman from a digital illusionist, to a virtual stand-up comedian and multimedia vocalist.

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