New Lineup of AV Solutions Designed for Dynamic Visual Experiences

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Launching at InfoComm 2024, our new solutions pack an immersive punch for experiences across the board.

Every year at InfoComm, we’re proud to show you our newest products and solutions from projectors and displays to professional audio and video production equipment. This year, we’re particularly excited to bring our latest additions to our AV solution lineup that will surely amp up any experience you can think of. From creating more collaborative office environments and interactive classrooms to elevating entertainment venues,  museum exhibitions or worship services, our latest AV technology is helping our customers bring dynamic, engaging, and interactive content to their audiences with simplified and streamlined workflows.

In a time where entertainment, collaboration, and efficiency are crucial, our new products and solutions are designed to meet these needs today and into the future.

New products and solutions include:

  • PT-REQ15/REZ15 Series 1-Chip DLPTM  Projectors: With media-based entertainment becoming more sophisticated, meeting guest expectations becomes increasingly complex. That’s why Panasonic Connect has expanded its 4K 1-Chip DLPTM lineup. The REQ15 4K /REZ15 Series 1-Chip DLPTM projectors produce high-quality, smooth, dimensional images in any environment. Its optical engine and laser light source module even comply with the IP5X Dust Protected standard, while the backup input and multi-laser drive engine allow it to operate reliably in various environmental conditions.   
  • PT-RQ7 Series 1-Chip DLP®  4K Projectors: One wall of projection mapping isn’t enough to power the truly immersive experiences guests have come to expect. Producers and content creators need the capability to wrap an entire room, from floor to ceiling, in engaging, detailed, and vibrant visuals. The PT-RQ7 Series 1-Chip DLP® projector produces exceptional high-definition 4K visuals.  With a compact design, it powers deep, smooth, vivid content to bring immersive experiences to life in corporate and education settings. And its “Museum Mode” functionality achieves a sense of color and contrast ideal for projection environments in museum and theme park settings too. 
  • Silky Fine Mist: In addition to high-quality visuals, immersive experiences rely on special effects. Panasonic Connect’s Silky Fine Mist creates magnificent artistic spaces both indoors and outdoors, using pressurized water and compressed air to create a small particle mist that readily floats in the air. Diffusing light to fill an entire space with color and projecting beams of light, it supports a high-quality, 3D-effect used by innovative, immersive exhibits like TeamLab’s Massless Clouds at SUPERBLUE Miami. '
  • ET-FMP50 Series: Demand for immersive experiences has sparked a need for multi-projection attractions, leading to more complex and labor-intensive workflows. Designed to streamline workflows while supporting enhanced performance, the ET-FMP50 Series is a media processor featuring camera-based warping and blending adjustment and 4K media playback capability. It eases the burden of installing and adjusting multi-projection attractions, making operations more efficient and streamlined. Highly precise pixel-based adjustment via camera automation minimally impacts image quality for reliable, detailed content reproduction. Immersive effects are easily added with free-shape, line-masking and intuitive auto adjustment. Supporting high-quality video content, the ET-FMP50 Series features high-capacity storage ranging from 512 GB2 to 4 TB. Playing H.264 and H.265 codecs at up to 4K resolution and 300 Mbps, it is also compatible with HAP3 codec. The FMP50 Series also simplifies AVoIP transmission with neat and cost-effective cable management. 

To learn more about our latest AV solutions, visit and read more about our new solutions here. 

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Jared Darensbourg

Director of Sales – Visual Systems at Panasonic Connect