The Force Is Strong in this Light Show

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Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm's visual effects house, brought the magic of the silver screen to the real life Empire State using powerful projection technology from Panasonic Connect. Panasonic PT-RQ35 projectors illuminated the Empire State Building to produce a Star Wars themed light show musically accompanied by John Williams Imperial March, showcasing just how far creativity and AV technology can take you — including to a galaxy far, far away. 

Every now and then, we at SCN deter from your traditional installations to check out some really fun Pro AV in action. As self-proclaimed Star Wars junkies, both content director Mark J. Pescatore and I had fun "nerding out" to this one. 

In its "March to May the 4th" event, Star Wars and Walt Disney Company ascended on New York City and put the Empire in the Empire State Building. Set to John Williams Imperial March, it was a light show of a galactic proportions.

While it may appear this advanced technology is from a galaxy far, far away, it was Industrial Light & Magic—Lucasfilm's acclaimed visual effects house—that put together the five-minute show that featured tie fighters, droids, Imperial troopers, and Darth Vader himself. 

Per the official Star Wars website, the project started a long, long ti—ok, I'll stop with the puns. It started four months ago. “We came up with ideas and created concept art for what would look the best, have the most impact, and know that the fans are going to love seeing,” Lucasfilms Video Production senior editor Jeff Pickett explained top “Once we got selects from those frames, we went into shot production and got to where we’re at today.” He went onto explain that ILM collaborated with creative agency SUPERBIEN, who used 46 projectors while Skywalker Sound took care of the audio.

Check it out in all its glory below and may the force be with you. Always (had to get one more in). 


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