Empowering Creativity: USC’s Digital Creative Lab and Panasonic’s KAIROS

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At the dynamic intersection of creativity and technology, the University of Southern California (USC) leads with its top-ranked gaming & eSports programs. To elevate & expand learning opportunities for students, USC recently unveiled its state-of-the-art Digital Creative Lab. Inspired by HETMA Cofounder Joe Way, it is a space designed to foster creativity and showcase student projects. 

The lab is a fully equipped classroom for gamers, programmers, and content creators alike. It boasts displays, podcast rooms, 3D spaces, and Panasonic Connect’s KAIROS live production system. 

Describing the lab's philosophy, Raj Singh, Manager for the Design Engineering Team at USC explains, "We're in the business of creating sandboxes for our students to learn and share. Our goal was to provide them with a system that would allow scalability, flexibility and growth opportunities. And that's where KAIROS came into play."  

KAIROS, a broadcast tier live production platform, aligned seamlessly with USC's goals. It has an intuitive, layer-based interface for content creation. "It is user friendly enough for our students to learn and use, not only our staff," says Raj.  

But its simplicity doesn't compromise on capability. KAIROS is an ST 2110 native system that supports transitions to IP workflows, eliminating hardware constraints and reducing complexity in production. This gives it flexibility and scalability for a variety of applications, including the broadcast of events & content across campus.  

Check out our full interview with USC to see how they’re using KAIROS, in addition to Panasonic Connect’s connected AV ecosystem, to create a fully supported, broadcast-quality lab for students: