University of Southern California, Panasonic, WorldStage and BARTKRESA Studio Partner To Create Stunning Light Show

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University of Southern California

Panasonic, WorldStage and BARTKRESA Studio partner to create stunning light show.




Projection mapping multiple buildings, including a 150-foot-tall clock tower, coordinated with a full choral and symphony. The show required expert design and technology to execute the USC Village celebration event.


Creative use and positioning of Panasonic projection technology, combined with WorldStage technical deployment, enabled BKS to blend one compound image into a glorious and memorable spectacle for USC’s most prominent supporters.


USC Village donors, students, faculty and other VIP guests felt an extreme sense of pride in the impressive complex that is providing additional housing, healthy living and retail spaces to USC students.

USC Village is the largest development in the history of the University of Southern California. The recently completed USC Village brings a 15-acre, 1.25 million-sq. ft. expansion to the University of Southern California campus and marks the largest development project in the university’s history. The $700 million project provides an additional 2,500 beds and 100,000 sq. ft. of retail space to the Trojan campus.

Included across the Harley Ellis Devereaux-designed development’s six buildings are lobbies, multi-purpose rooms, group study rooms, individual study rooms, outdoor areas, a gym, a media room, and a dining hall.

C.L. Max Nikias, USC’s President, described the project as looking like “a medieval Tuscan village refined for the 21st century.” The mix of student housing, retail, and dining is expected to generate $5.2 billion of revenue for the local economy and create thousands of jobs.



To honor the donors who supported the construction of the village complex, USC planned a celebration ceremony of epic proportions. The concept included an immersive projection-mapping display on two buildings and the 150-foot tall clock tower coordinated with a full orchestra and chorus, and a fireworks display.

To pull off this amazing feat, USC selected the renowned BARTKRESA Studio (BKS) to design the projections. BKS worked with WorldStage to manage the technical deployment aspects, which included Panasonic projection systems. USC faculty members, Mike Patterson and Candace Reckinger, directed the projections, working in collaboration with the music director, choreographer, and event planners.

Powerful Panasonic laser projectors enabled the impressive vision for the event to become a reality. Over 26 PT-RZ31KU Panasonic laser projectors were deployed, providing a 60Hz high frame rate for superb, sharp motion pictures. The PT-RZ31KU’s Real Motion Processor technologies enable Frame Creation Technology ensuring moving images present minimal blur. Additionally, 3 PT-DZ21K 20,000 lumens WUXGA 3-Chip DLP projectors were used helping to offset the areas where the light was obstructed by the trussing system.

We integrate and visually articulate our client’s brand with beautiful and impactful imagery. Our expertise in high-end projection art enables us to create an unforgettable experience. We work with partners, such as WorldStage and Panasonic to make the technologically impossible possible. A perfect example of this partnership is our ability to work with the space, getting the geometry right and performing involved equipment checks prior to the event.
Bart Kresa, Founder, BARTKRESA Studio

The USC project was made possible by combining the incredible creative force from BKS, the technical expertise from WorldStage and the superb projection technologies from Panasonic. BKS’s long-term partnership with Panasonic and World Stage once again resulted in a truly impactful project,” said Joe Conway, Senior Account Executive, WorldStage.

“The high profile event needed close attention from both the creative and technical sides of the combined teams in order to realize the vision and goals of the project. Having new technologies in our hands from Panasonic, we aimed to create a captivating, immersive experience for USC’s generous donors. Their continued support and commitment to the benefit of the students and university is impressive,” further comments Bart Kresa, Founder of BARTKRESA Studio.

“None of this would be possible without our extensive in-house inventory and highly capable engineering team to power these groundbreaking, artful experiences. Panasonic is a part of that by providing state of the art projectors that incorporate the newest ideas and most up-to-date features,” added Conway.

“Thankfully, we had a good amount of lead time before this very important and complex event which enabled us to solidify this awesome team of world class talent. The team was onsite for 8 days prior to the event, ensuring that everything was perfect. The vision, creativity and superb execution was truly impressive. Our donors and VIPs walked away truly in awe of the incredible spectacle they had witnessed, thanks to our joint efforts!” said Adam Rosen, Assistant Vice President of Cultural Relations and University Events at the University of Southern California.




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BARTKRESA Studio’s clients include: Universal Studios, Disney, ABC, HBO, Fox and General Motors. Master Projection Designer Bart Kresa has over 20 years of industry experience. BKS has won event and themed entertainment awards from AV magazine, Biz Bash, IAAPA, and the Themed Entertainment Association. Bart’s primary mission is to craft unparalleled projection experiences around the globe through light, story, and design that convey the desired look, feel, and emotion of the show or event.

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