Panasonic PT-RQ35K Laser Projector Illuminates Immersive Cold War Kids Concert

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At this year’s all-digital CES experience, Panasonic partnered with indie rock band The Cold War Kids to bring an exclusive live stream concert to life with Panasonic projection technology inside the experiential art and entertainment complex AREA15 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

AREA15 opened in September 2020 and is the first in the US to utilize the newly released Panasonic PT-RQ35k 3-chip DLP laser projector for its Live Events space. The PT-RQ35K Series is the smallest and lightest projector in its brightness class* and can be easily transported, stacked and installed. 

The venue provided the perfect backdrop for this immersive live streaming performance. “For this event, we wanted to do something a little extra. We launched our new Panasonic RQ35K, 30,000 lumen projection. We thought this was a perfect venue to utilize that for projection mapping and blending.” says Joseph M. Conover, Strategic Manager, Panasonic Themed Entertainment. “We actually used two RQ35Ks for the exterior mapping. They were blended together in tandem to highlight the AREA15 marquee outside with some color aspects.” 

With amazing 360-degree views, the virtual experience brought a visually rich, up-close performance for viewers. To live stream, the production team also used LUMIX BGH1 4K cinema box cameras to capture stunning visuals. Take a look at how Panasonic and Cold War Kids partnered to bring this immersive concert experience below!


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* As of May 2020, based on dimensions and weight publicly available for laser projectors between 26,000–35,000 lumens

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N. Justine Hunter