Pacific Staging employs AW-UE4 PTZ cameras to deliver high-quality video for remote presenters

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In March, Pacific Staging Company, Tempe, AZ, in partnership with their long-time partner, GOAV, set out to provide an easy-to-use, all-in-one presentation solution for remote presenters. “One of the most important aspects we took into consideration was a system that could be setup by the presenter in their home, even if they had little or no technical expertise,” said Joel Hufford, Technical Director, Pacific Staging.  “The remoteENG kit was born and features the Panasonic AW-UE4 4K/1080p PTZ camera with IP streaming for video capture.”

The remoteENG Kit, an innovative one-piece interview system, allows presenters to either remotely record their presentation or present live from the comfort of their own home or office using broadcast quality audio, video and lighting. In addition, an LCD monitor allows the presenter to see their powerpoint notes, teleprompter script, or other presenters video feeds while presenting. Remote producers also have the ability to communicate with the presenter in real time using an IFB the audience can’t hear. The entire kit weighs less than 10 pounds and can be setup in minutes.

According to Rudy Tessmer of GOAV, the remoteENG kit is proving very popular with clients. “We started with 8 kits to see if they would fulfill a need. We were very excited to have recently finished our 50th kit,” said Tessmer.

The AW-UE4 is the heart of the video capture component of the system, allowing Pacific Staging to set framing, white balance, exposure and detail levels to achieve considerably higher quality than is available with other camera solutions, especially laptop webcams.

“First and foremost, the ability to pan, tilt and zoom around the UE4’s 4K sensor means that our remote technicians can set the perfect framing for our presenters without them having to touch the kits,” said Hufford. Another benefit of the UE-4 is that because there are no motors or moving parts in the camera, the UE4 is more resilient when shipping the camera around the country. Being able to interface the camera into Pacific Staging’s computers directly with the camera’s USB-C output also eliminates a step in the signal flow.

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The AW-UE4 also offers an ultra wide-angle lens with 111° field of view; supports 4K/30p video output; supports HDMI, LAN and USB video interfaces; and offers PoE or USB power options, which allows video transmission, camera control and power all through a single cable. Learn more about the UE4 at