Elevating Visual Experiences: Introducing The Complete Digital Signage Solution for Public Places

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Digital signage surrounds us in any public environment we’re in – whether we’re at the local mall, at a church service, attending a tradeshow or taking a course. Digital signage was once looked at as a basic need, though has since been recognized as an entirely new tool that helps to elevate the experience. For the business owner, it’s an integral part of informing, educating and engaging guests. Today, I’m excited to announce Panasonic’s new Complete Digital Signage Solution aimed at providing highly engaging, relevant content that improves customers’ communication and connection with guests.

The digital signage solution increases operational efficiency, while decreasing costs, and serves as an additional revenue generation stream. The ecosystem includes high-quality customized products, and unmatched software and services that streamline set-up, maintenance and creates flexibility in workflows like controlling content locally or remotely, while also supporting the display of advertisements to drive business. 

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The Solution for All Your Display Needs

Customers have so much on their plates these days that they shouldn’t have to manage multiple vendors for their technology needs. From purchase, to installation, to support, we’re a full-service partner, making it easier for customers in public spaces, including House of Worship (HOW), Education, Corporate and Retail markets, to address all their visual solutions needs. The Complete Digital Signage Solution ecosystem includes hardware, software and services that work holistically together to provide the right-sized display – for any scenario – with the necessary accessories, installation and logistics, and warranties and maintenance.

  • The hardware: our digital signage solution can be customized to include a variety of displays, which come in all shapes and sizes and for any location indoors or outdoors. Our current displays include video walls, touchscreen displays, entry-level 4K displays and professional displays, standard professional displays, large format 4K digital displays, full HD professional displays and high brightness standard professional displays. Regardless of the type or dimension, all of our displays serve up crisp, clear visuals.
  • The accessories: in addition to displays, we offer accessories like wall and ceiling mount configurations to keep displays aligned, IP Power Controllers from leading manufacturers and media players with various outputs. Depending on customers’ specific needs, product bundles for the displays and accessories are available as part of the ecosystem.
  • The software: to ensure the best viewing experience is provided to guests and that the hardware is easily manageable, we offer various software that help to streamline the backend. For instance, our Content Management Software offers customers different toolsets to manage and synchronize content on multiple platforms at once, and in real-time. Additionally, the Remote Asset Management and Diagnostics helps to configure, assign actions and maintain the network, media player and attached display configurations.
  • The services: based on needs, we are here to offer support that’s scalable when it comes to design, configuration, fast and easy installation and logistics for cabling, staging, kitting and asset management. We also offer preventative maintenance through 3, 4 or 5-year warranties to ensure long-term protection of purchases for all system components.

High Quality, Customized Solutions

Our Complete Digital Signage Solution is engineered, designed and customized for the customer and their environment.

  • Flexibility: our displays are designed for any orientation, either portrait or landscape, or positioning on a wall or ceiling to fit within any type of space and environment indoors or outdoors.
  • Durability: in any outdoor setting, whether in direct sunlight, wet weather or extreme temperatures, our outdoor displays, positioned on a wall or pedestal, can withstand various elements.
  • Quality: in any viewing position, our displays guarantee crisp and sharp visuals. This includes any angle, whether positioned in front of or on the side of a display, or in different types of lighting – whether direct sunlight or ambient lighting.
  • Compatibility: all displays can link easily with other devices to transmit data or display complex images. The displays are also easily customizable to host content either locally or remote.


For Today’s Customers

Ideal for indoor or outdoor public places, customers can pick and choose which offerings from our digital signage solution that best serves their existing or upcoming needs, depending on their current environment or a specific business scenario.

  • HOW: worship services allow entire communities to come together and share in an experience, which technology can help elevate and deepen connections. Digital signage helps to inform the church goer on the service program and who the speakers are, in addition to providing helpful directional information on their way to their seats. Displays can be viewed from any angle, ensuring that guests can clearly receive the content they need for an enjoyable worship experience.
  • Education: there is expected to be 19.8M students enrolled in public and private higher education institutions this year. Displays both indoors within facilities and outdoors across campuses can help with wayfinding, providing necessary information to guide students from class to events, and so on. Displays can also provide alerts in real-time in an emergency to ensure students are notified and remain safe.
  • Corporate: 52 percent of employees expect their companies to return to the office for meetings in-person post-pandemic. With the eventual return, whether hybrid or fully in-person, displays are necessary to share the latest company information with employees as business policies change. Displays also allow for interactivity during the work day, and with easy integration into other devices like laptops, content shared can be displayed seamlessly with peers, customers or partners.
  • Retail: NRF predicts retail sales will grow between 6.5 to 8.2 percent as shoppers return to stores. With more anticipated foot traffic, retailers can utilize digital signage to advertise new styles and discounts on displays outdoors even on bright sunny days, to draw shoppers inside. Retailers can also dynamically change content to remain relevant to meet shopper seasonal needs.

The All-In-One Visual Experience

As a total solutions provider, we’re a full-service partner for all customers’ visual solutions needs to immerse and engage guests in public places. For more information on Panasonic’s digital signage solutions, visit: na.panasonic.com/us/audio-video-solutions/Complete-Digital-Signage-Solution.

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