Panasonic Partners with QSC to Simplify the Deployment of Professional Digital Wireless Microphone Technology

2 min read

Whether teaching a lecture to students or presenting in a corporate environment, professional audio is mission critical to delivering a successful presentation and communicating clearly with the audience. In today’s hybrid environments, where speakers and audience members may be in person or remote, the need for professional quality audio is heightened even further. In fact, research shows that the use of microphone technology can have a substantial impact on the clarity of communication.

For a comprehensive and user-friendly professional audio system, customers can leverage Panasonic’s WX Series Digital Wireless Microphone System alongside the Q-SYS™ software-based audio ecosystem from QSC, a leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of high-performance audio solutions. To further simplify deployment, QSC has joined Panasonic’s list of integration partners with the introduction of a plug-in module from Q-Sys Designer Asset Manager making installation as easy as a click of a button.

Integrators can simply drag and drop the SW plug-in into a room design and make any necessary changes to the wireless microphone system. This SW plug-in module provides the ability to control the volume of each Panasonic wireless microphone up to eight channels, mute the mics and get visual confirmation of battery and signal status.

The SW plug-in eliminates the need for programming, saving customers considerable time and money when it comes to installation and management. In classrooms or boardrooms where professional audio is a necessity, the end user may also be the one deploying and controlling the technology solution. The plug-in greatly simplifies the process and so professional AV experience isn’t required to deploy the system.

Creation of the SW plug-in was done by control programming and software development experts, Control Concepts. As a result, customers experience greater integration between the Panasonic and Q-SYS ecosystems, ultimately driving more flexibility to setup, manage and integrate meeting room endpoints.

The success of any lesson plan, formal presentation or meeting is reliant on how clear it is for the audience to hear and understand the material properly. Through this partnership, more customers will have access to professional quality audio and end users can focus on the messages they want to get across verses any concerns about the technology working seamlessly.