Meet the PT-RZ16KU 3-Chip DLP® SOLID SHINE Laser Projector: Creating Immersive Live Experiences for Venues Without Access to High-Voltage Power

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Across industries, organizations and venues who host live events must do so within the constraints of their property’s physical infrastructure. In certain situations, this can limit the projection technology being deployed or force the venue to retrofit the space in order to make the technology work within it. For example, a venue interested in deploying a 3-Chip DLP® laser projector for its superior color reproduction, contrast and reliability would typically require 200–240V AC power to operate at full brightness – that is, until now.

Seeing the need for a projector flexible enough to work within these infrastructure limitations, Panasonic is excited and proud to introduce the new PT-RZ16KU 3-Chip DLP® SOLID SHINE laser projector. The PT-RZ16KU meets the demand for vibrant 3-Chip DLP™ color while reducing installation complexity. The PT-RZ16KU’s simplified setup, calibration and operation assure consistently uniform image quality, while enabling 16,000 lumens of full brightness on 110-120V AC power making it ideal for houses of worship, entertainment venues and hospitality spaces like banquet halls, exhibitions and convention centers. Historic architecture, physical limitations and power requirements that may make costly rewiring necessary will no longer preclude any venue from delivering immersive, inspiring and engaging experiences.

Elevating Live Events with Superior Color Accuracy

From church services to concerts, to conventions and banquet events, live events aim to entertain and engage audiences with the goal of creating shareable and memorable experiences. Understanding the demands for captivating content, the PT-RZ16KU is designed to deliver stunning, eye-catching visuals. With 3-Chip DLP® technology for R/G/B and consistently stable brightness, the PT-RZ16KU’s colors are deep yet accurate with high uniformity for multi-screen applications. The PT-RZ16KU displays content with a wider color gamut, while supporting life-like High Dynamic Range (HDR) reproduction. Colors from the richest blacks to the purest whites are precisely and consistently reproduced.

Since these types of events are action packed, it is important to capture and create additional frames for each image. The projector’s Real Motion Processor boosts native 60Hz footage to 120Hz for smooth and realistic motion rendering. Contrast is also extremely accurate with light-output modulated frame-by-frame according to the image requirements, while dynamic contrast enables accurate black-level adjustment for seamless edge-blends. All of these elements make the live event experience feel more realistic, captivating and impactful eliminating distracting color washout or choppy footage.

Highly Reliable Uninterrupted Projection

Reliability is also a key component to ensuring successful live events. The hermetically sealed optical block exceeds the AV industry’s toughest dust-proofing guidelines, preventing particle intrusion and associated image degradation. The PT-RZ16KU projector is cooled by a heat-pipe-based system featuring a one-way airflow path, eliminating the need for an air filter. So, with a dust-proof and filter-less laser design delivering 20,000-hours of virtually maintenance-free operation, event staff can focus their attention on other more pressing matters.

The PT-RZ16KU projector also features auto-backup input which maintains the image display even if the primary signal is interrupted by immediately switching to a backup signal, helping ensure mission-critical events will continue seamlessly without any interruption. Additionally, because projectors are not always mounted in the most accessible locations and tend to be hidden from audience view, to further enhance reliability, Multi Monitoring & Control Software (MMCS) lets event staff manage the projectors remotely via a laptop with Early Warning functionality adding off-site monitoring from a tablet via VPN. This optional software alerts users to problems before they occur, enhancing system reliability.

Streamlined, Efficient Installation

The PT-RZ16KU streamlines set-up for efficient event installation. The PT-RZ16KU works with Panasonic’s Smart Projector Control application allowing setting adjustment and management from a smartphone or tablet without turning the projector power on in order to see the OSD menu. Optional upgrade kits for Geometry Manager Pro software enable bitmap masking and auto-edge-blend calibration via camera. Meanwhile, the Geometric Adjustment feature accomplishes grid corrections via a remote control. The ability to make these corrections without needing a PC creates a much more flexible and easy installation. These features provide a safe and contactless way to manage the PT-RZ16KU projector settings. In addition, the PT-RZ16KU performs in diverse situations with a wide selection of optional lenses, including compatibility with the ET-D3LEF70 Fisheye Lens, making spectacular full-dome mapping possible from a single projector.

Flexibility & The Future of Live Events

As live events are reimagined, the projection technology supporting these events must be as well. Panasonic’s new PT-RZ16KU 3-Chip DLP® SOLID SHINE laser projector offers unparalleled flexibility to venues without access to high-voltage power. Offering 16,000 lumens of full brightness on AC 100–120V, the PT-RZ16KU laser projector brings professional image quality resulting in immersive, inspiring and engaging experiences to venues hosting banquet events, worship services, exhibition extravaganzas, holiday spectaculars and much more.

The new PT-RZ16KU 3-Chip DLP® SOLID SHINE laser projector will be available in December.

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