Panasonic Projectors Illuminate the Speedway in Lights

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In an effort to give back to the community and bring holiday cheer to all, Bristol Motor Speedway puts on a show each year known as The Pinnacle Speedway in Lights. During the holiday season, from November 16th through January 5th, more than 200,000 guests from around the world will tour the five-mile light display comprised of about 2 million lights and 250 festive displays around the Bristol Motor Speedway and Dragway properties. All proceeds from Speedway in Lights benefits the Bristol Chapter of Speedway Children's Charities, which has distributed more than $14 million to regional children’s agencies since 1997.

Having hosted the light show for 22 years, Bristol Motor Speedway was looking to take their 2018 program to the next level. Familiar with Panasonic’s reputation to 'wow' audiences, Bristol Motor Speedway turned to Panasonic for guidance in creating an interactive 3D element for guests visiting the lighted display. Using two projectors each shining 25K lumens, Panasonic and Bristol Motor Speedway added “Elf Vision”, a series of short, festive animated films that are projected onto white screens shaped like a Christmas tree and a Christmas present, to the speedway’s light tour. Using the projectors digital mapping capabilities, Panasonic designed the props that are being projected onto and created all of the animations for the display pro bono. There are currently six scenes including a Nativity scene, presents wrapping and unwrapping themselves to reveal a gift, and Santa Claus putting presents under the tree. 

Photo Cred: Patrick Savage/BMS

“Every year we’re looking to add new experiences and displays to the Speedway,” said Patrick Savage, senior manager of digital & creative design at Bristol Motor Speedway. “The process of working with Panasonic was seamless. In just a few short weeks the team was able to design all of the videos, build out the animations and set up the installation – every expectation was exceeded.”

Elf Vision’s projection of the Christmas tree is a spectacle in itself; the scene being described as a trail of fairy dust. With Panasonic’s projectors, a trail of fairy dust magically appears, swirling up the display and then vanishes, leaving a beautifully decorated Christmas tree surrounded by presents. 

Photo Cred: Patrick Savage/BMS

“We couldn’t have asked for a more impactful installation,” said Savage. “Since opening, Elf Vision has been so popular that we had to modify the show in order to keep traffic moving -- everyone was stopping to watch.”

With plans to add more animated scenes to Elf Vision throughout the holiday season, Bristol Motor Speedway is looking forward to continuing its partnership with Panasonic for seasons to come.







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