Creating an Immersive Spectacular for Criss Angel MINDFREAK®

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World-renowned illusionist Criss Angel has been a household name for more than a decade, having performed countless shows for millions of viewers via numerous television series and specials and his multiple Las Vegas residencies since 2008. But with his latest creation, Angel took over the newly-renamed Criss Angel Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas for an all-new, over-the-top theatrical spectacular: Criss Angel MINDFREAK®. The production features more than 75 of Angel’s iconic signature illusions – with countless never-before-seen effects – and in order to create a fully-immersive experience for his audience, it integrates some of the most innovative visual technology from Panasonic.

Bringing the Magic to Life
Through the partnership, the show utilizes 10 PT-RQ32KU 3-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE 4K+ Laser Projectors, 16 EF1 Series 84" Professional Displays and three AW-HE40 integrated HD PTZ Cameras to support the one-of-a-kind production. Angel’s previous production at Luxor Hotel & Casino used lamp-based projectors that were bulky, threw off heat and required continual maintenance and output power loss.

“With the launch of MINDFREAK Planet Hollywood, my goal was to create the most technologically sophisticated show, incorporating the most cutting-edge equipment, and Panasonic was the obvious choice. I look forward to a long relationship that will push the envelope with the continuous addition of next generation technology from Panasonic throughout my tenure at Planet Hollywood,” said Criss Angel. 

With a 90-minute production that will run five days per week over the course of Angel’s five-year residency, excellent durability, outstanding efficiency and unparalleled reliability were essential requirements for the projectors, professional displays and professional cameras that Angel chose.

By switching to Panasonic’s PT-RQ32KU 3-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE 4K+ Laser Projectors, the team eliminated the need to purchase and change lamps regularly. These 4K+ laser projectors are capable of virtually maintenance-free operation for up to 20,000 hours thanks to air-tight and dust-resistant optical units and cooling systems negating the need for air filters. Offering an impressive 27,000 lumen*1 maximum brightness (center-screen, high mode operation) at 5120 x 3200-pixel*2 for 4K+ resolution, this all-in-one projector incorporates Quad Pixel Drive technology, which quadruples pixel density and renders the finest details in exquisite 4K+ resolution. With the PT-RQ32KU’s 4K+ capabilities, 20,000:1*3 dynamic contrast ratio and 240Hz high frame rate, images will be sharp and realistic to fully engage the audience with the projected images and virtual world created in Angel’s performance.

The need for custom mounting-frames has also been eliminated with new frame-free stacking or i-bolt rigging capability, significantly reducing overall weight and space requirements, making it easier to support multi-projection 360° mapping applications. Because the PT-RQ32KU laser projectors have a smaller footprint than Angel’s previous technology, the Criss Angel Theater is able to include more projectors in the space, enabling projection edge-blending to fully immerse the audience. The projectors will also be projecting images on a smokescreen as the audience enters the theater, where they will begin to be introduced to Criss’s virtual world even before the show begins.

Additionally, Angel has positioned three AW-HE40 PTZ cameras throughout the theater to engage guests in the performance and create an interactive experience both on-stage and in the audience. Angel also deployed 16 EF1 84" Professional Displays located throughout the lobby to enable show-goers to step into the world of Criss Angel and experience MINDFREAK while getting a sense of Criss’s professional journey.

Experience the World of MINDFREAK
From the time attendees first enter the theater lobby until the final illusion, they will be immersed in the MINDFREAK experience as a result of Panasonic’s visual solutions. In fact, Angel has said his new show features more surface area of video than any other production in the world – over half a billion pixels displayed on over 90 surfaces.

To see Panasonic’s visual solutions in action, don’t miss the Criss Angel MINDFREAK experience at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas.

*1 Luminance measured at center of screen in High Mode. Operation in High Mode may reduce maintenance timing in comparison to use in Normal Mode.
*2 Resolution 5120 x 3200 Pixels (QUAD PIXEL DRIVE: ON).
*3 With Dynamic Contrast Mode set to 3