Infographic: Transformational Technology Re-Shaping a Hybrid Workforce

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Over the past two years, businesses have worked to redesign, reorganize, and rebuild office spaces and work processes to ensure safety and compliance with new regulations and to enable overall productivity once workers return to the office. As the year rolls to an end and a new year approaches, many organizations are preparing to welcome workers back to the workplace either full time or on a hybrid basis. But whether you are taking a hybrid approach or planning to bring everyone back to the office, technology will be at the core of many organization’s 2022 strategy.

From operations and productivity to communications and employee engagement, technology continues to play an important role in how work gets done. In particular, AV technology has played a significant role in ensuring enhanced communication, collaboration, employee enablement, and support. But choosing the right AV solutions for your hybrid workplace is key to ensuring more equitable experiences for employees wherever they work. As a strategic technology partner, explore how Panasonic Audio Video Solutions is helping transform the workplace with enhanced solutions.

Hybrid work technology

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N. Justine Hunter