Questions & Answers from “The Future of Video Production” virtual NAB 2020 event

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During our recent The Future of Video Production virtual event, we received a variety of questions from attendees. The answers to the questions received are below.


QUESTION 1: Can you use a generic server or do you have to use a Panasonic server for KAIROS?

ANSWER 1: Panasonic wants to provide the customer the best experience possible. KAIROS Version 1 will be released as a custom, AV Rack-friendly, 1RU server with software loaded, configuration complete and quality tested to Panasonic standards to assure reliability.

Introducing KAIROS

Introducing KAIROS from Panasonic on Vimeo.

Q2: Which protocols are supported by KAIROS with respect to automation of the switcher?

A2: KAIROS will support necessary automation and other protocols as required by our customers either internally or through the use of an API. The specifics of each version releases will be updated closer to release time and determined by market priorities.

Q3: Can you deploy KAIROS in the public cloud - AWS, Azure, Google?

A3: A version of the KAIROS software could eventually be deployed on a public cloud, although our initial release will be pre-configured and tested on a specific server.

Q4: Is there a physical control panel available for the KAIROS?

A4: Kairos Control is a 24 cross point style panel with two faders. It is not required but will be available. We will also be building compatibility for more third-party hardware panels in the future. The KAIROS control panel provides for excellent operability and unleashes the operator’s creativity.

KAIROS Version 1 will be released as a custom, AV Rack-friendly, 1RU server with software loaded

Q5: Can the new switcher work with HDR and SDR sources simultaneously in a Simulcast HLG-709 production?

A5: Yes, this is true for both the KAIROS live production platform and the new AV-UHS500 4K/HD switcher.

Q6: Is there interoperability between KAIROS and NDI?

A6: Yes, high bandwidth NDI is supported. KAIROS supports NDI streams of any resolution such as HD and UHD and in any format, whether 16:9 or nontraditional formats such as 32:9 for an LED backdrop display.

KAIROS’ MEs and layers are unlimited. The input and outputs are only limited by bandwidth.

Q7: Can you compare the power of KAIROS to a traditional mixer? Is it a 2ME, 4ME or more? What are the limits on inputs and outputs?

A7: KAIROS’ MEs and layers are unlimited. The input and outputs are only limited by bandwidth. For example, KAIROS can handle 32 in and 20 out in 3G.

Other Topics

Q8: What companies and partners also support the FreeD tracking protocol?

A8: The AW-UE150 4K/HD PTZ camera and the new AW-UE100 4K/HD PTZ camera both offer the FreeD tracking protocol. This is supported by our partners such as Vizrt, Blacktrax, Zero Density.

The new AW-UE100 4K/HD PTZ camera offers the FreeD tracking protocol.

Q9: Do any of your 4K studio broadcast cameras contain 3 chip technology?

A9: Panasonic has had great success migrating our studio camera and broadcast camcorder line-up to large single sensor imagers supporting standard B4 type lenses. Our Large Single Sensor Internal Expansion Lens (LSSIEL) system provides the high resolution and sensitivity of cinema cameras along with the utility of 2/3” broadcast lenses. Even better, this large sensor technology reduces issues with noise dynamic range and diffraction inherent to smaller chip cameras.

Q10: Will Panasonic be upgrading the HS410 to 1080P?

A10: The H410 cannot be upgraded, which is why we're introduced the new AV-UHS500 4K and HD (including 1080p) switcher. The UHS500 is a 12G-SDI compatible compact live production video switcher that provides 4K/3G/HD multi format support and offers various built-in conversion functions, including up/down conversion.

Q11: Will Panasonic continue to support NDI in their products in the future?

A11: Yes, Panasonic will continue with NDI/HX in current PTZs and Camcorders. And select models, such as the upcoming KAIROS and AW-UE100 will offer high bandwidth, native NDI connectivity.

Introducing the AV-UHS500 4K Live Video Production Switcher

Q12: Do you have a PTZ camera that works with Unreal Engine 4?

A12: Yes, the AW-UE150 supports the Unreal engine. The AW-UE150 also features a large 1" MOS sensor, supports high-quality 4K/UHD 60p video output, features a 75.1-degree viewing angle, 20x optical zoom and supports versatile outputs, including 12G-SDI, HDMI, optical fiber and IP.

Q13: Are any of your PTZ camera systems suited to rental use? Rugged and able to take shipping without damage?

A13: Panasonic offers a comprehensive professional PTZ camera line-up. Many of our PTZ cameras are used by the leading rental and stating companies.

Q14: Is Panasonic bringing out a kind of software to use prosumer grade cameras in a software based streaming setup. HDMI to USB Video Mixing Soulution.

A14: Panasonic PTZ cameras offers webcam type ability via USB connectivity. In addition, Panasonic PTZ cameras, as well as the CX Series of Camcorders, offer NDI/HX capability. This also allows these cameras to be used as web cams.

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