Firmware Upgrade Ver. 2.0 for AG-CX350 brings key new features

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The AG-CX350 4K handheld camcorder is the industry's lightest 4K 10-bit fixed-lens camcorder that already contains powerhouse features in compact body, including 4K 10-bit 60p capture, HDR recording, and is equipped with the RTMP/RTSP/RTP protocol for live streaming and NDI | HX-ready IP connection. Since its release earlier this year, the camcorder has been used for a wide variety of applications, including documentaries, sports, news, live broadcasts, and more.

We sat down with Senior Product Manager Steve Cooperman, who discussed the key new features of Firmware Upgrade Ver. 2.0.

QUESTION: What does Firmware Upgrade Ver. 2.0 bring to the CX350?

STEVE COOPERMAN: The CX350 Ver. 2.0 firmware upgrade brings big new features, including new codec choices with HEVC 100-Mbps and AVC-ULTRA formats, additional audio capability, enhanced streaming and more.  

QUESTION: Who benefits from this and why?

STEVE COOPERMAN: The additional AVC-ULTRA formats brings CX350 users AVC LongG 12/25/50, along with AVC-lntra422. These codecs are regularly used today in other Panasonic P2 cameras, such as the AJ-PX270 for ENG news gathering, sports, and other applications. The additional of this codec allows the CX350 to also be utilized in similar shooting workflows. Even better, the CX350 is now a GREAT choice for the user who wants to sometimes shoot in tandem with other Panasonic handheld camcorders, while on other days, shoot with P2 cameras.

In addition, the HEVC 100-Mbps codec brings 4K/60p 10-bit recording to the CX350 – all in a small 100-Mbps file size.  This is great for documentaries, unscripted and reality content, as well as any project that requires large amounts of content in a small file size, saving space on SD cards, while still maintaining 10-bit record quality.

QUESTION: With Ver. 2.0, the CX350 now supports multicast streaming. Can you explain the process of live streaming with the CX350?

STEVE COOPERMAN: Multicast streaming will enable the CX350 to stream in a similar fashion as our high quality Panasonic PTZs. This will expand workflow possibilities, allowing for one stream from the CX350 to be monitored by multiple users (on PC, tablets and/or smart phones). This can fit nicely on College and Enterprise campuses, and other areas where there’s a need for multiple users to see the live stream from one camera.

Ver. 2.0 brings Four Channel Audio to the CX350.

QUESTION: In terms of audio, what does Ver. 2.0 bring to the CX350?

STEVE COOPERMAN: The V2 upgrade brings 4 channels of audio to the CX350. The set-up is similar to the PX270 audio set-up, including the input Channel Select Setting. Four channels of audio allows the users to simultaneously record the internal mic (included standard with CX350), as two channels, along with the Input 1 and Input 2 XLRs as two other channels – totaling four recording channels. This will be very helpful in ENG, reality TV and other applications where the application requires the audio to be recorded into the camera.

QUESTION: What are additional Ver. 2.0 features?

STEVE COOPERMAN: Other helpful new features include the ability to use the CX ROP wireless control application in NDI mode. The CX ROP free application works on your smart device, including iPhone, iPad or Android devices, and allows for control of key features on the CX350. Until now, the CX ROP app did not work during NDI mode. This opens up new production opportunities, including a workflow using the AV-HLC100 production/streaming switcher, while another uses the CX ROP app for basic coloring and control of the camera.

Other features include an HDR/SDR Indicator, Adaptive Matrix function to help in shooting under different lighting conditions, as well as RTMPS support (RTMP was already supported), to respond to updates in key social platform security policy.

To download Firmware Upgrade Ver. 2.0 for the AG-CX350, click through here.

CX350 event at Filmtools from Panasonic on Vimeo.

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