Firmware upgrade Ver. 4.03 brings more flexibility to the AG-CX350 4K camcorder for live production

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Since its release in 2019, the AG-CX350 has released a number of valuable firmware upgrades to make it one of the most powerful and versatile camcorders in the marketplace. For Ver. 2.0, the CX350 added new codec choices with HEVC 100-Mbps and AVC-ULTRA formats, additional audio capability, enhanced streaming, and more. Ver. 3.0 brought additional versatility for both ENG and cine-style shooters with the inclusion of P2 HD recording and V-Log capture for wider dynamic range. For content creators, the inclusion of V-Log would allow CX350 shooters the ability to shoot alongside cameras like the AU-EVA1 and LUMIX S1H cinema cameras.

Panasonic recently released Ver. 4.03 for the CX350, adding control from the AW-RP150, a touchscreen remote camera controller that contains a unique one-hand operation joystick and a large LCD screen for monitoring and menu settings. Originally designed for Panasonic Pro PTZ cameras, the AW-RP150 allows a production to control the CX350 and Panasonic PTZ cameras for large multicam TV broadcasts and livestreams events, including HOW, Staging and Live events.

The AG-CX350 has become a popular live camera solution due to its built-in lenses, the ability to cover a wide range of focal lengths, and little set-up time.

Live In Control

Although the CX350 has always had the capability to work in live applications - especially live streaming - the camcorder has been primarily used for content creation. "With the ability to add control from the RP150, the CX350 can now become an essential tool for your live production," explains Sr. Product Manager, News & Content Creation Steve Cooperman.

Due to the pandemic, the CX350 has become a more popular live camera due to its built-in lenses, the ability to cover a wide range of focal lengths, and little set-up time compared with larger studio or cinema cameras. With its compact size, the CX350 mounted on a tripod can also be easily moved from one position, or room, to another.

With AW-RP150 implementation, the AG-CX350 can now be an essential tool for your live production

“The CX350’s key feature is its flexibility," reveals Cooperman. "It’s not only a powerful 4K camcorder, but it can now be used in a professional system for live-streaming or TV broadcast."

CX350 shooters were primarily using the CX ROP app for iOS/Android tablets to enable IP remote control over ethernet or wireless connections. With the ability to use the AW-RP150, this will allow traditional live operators more control with hardware they’re already accustomed like rockers or buttons. “The RP150 was initially designed for PTZ cameras,” explains Product Engineer Yusuke Ota. “With the upgrade, switching between CX350 and PTZ cameras is more seamless as a one system solution.”

Additional Features Of Ver. 4.03

Along with support for Azure Media Services and Twitch by optimizing RTMP parameters, another key Ver. 4.03 feature is USB tethering support that allows your smartphone (PAM function) to output HD streaming on a 5G line.

USB Tethering instructions

  1. Menu Setting: [NETWORK] ➔ [DEVICE SEL] ➔ [USB TETHERING]
  2. Connect the camera and smartphone with a USB cable
  3. Turn on USB tethering on the smartphone side

A list of connection confirmed smartphones with USB Tethering function can be found here.

For those using the AG-CX350 as a content creation tool but are looking to expand their skill set, take Ver. 4.03 for a spin. To download the free upgrade, click through here.

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