Canal Convergence Brings “The Power of Play” to Life with Panasonic’s Projection Technology

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Under the banner of "The Power of Play," the Scottsdale Waterfront in Arizona once again played host to the annual public art series, Canal Convergence. The event proved to be an immersive and engaging experience for attendees of all ages, with interactive sculptures and displays transforming the area into a large-scale playground.

Among the standout installations was DICE, a five-part experience that invited viewers to play with their own shadows. Conceptualized by Iregular, DICE consisted of five white cubes floating above the Arizona Canal.  As the cubes changed, so did the shapes, colors, and pattern

To bring this interactive artwork to life, Iregular needed projection technology that could be easily controlled and managed, while also accounting for elements such as wind. To execute this unique experience, the Montreal-based studio utilized ten of Panasonic Connect's PT-RQ35K 3-Chip DLP® SOLID SHINE 4K Laser Projectors. The high-brightness projection technology allowed DICE to come alive in a way that was both captivating and interactive, showcasing the true power of play.

Cameras were placed in front of and behind the interactive zones to track attendees' bodies and turned them into projections that were drawn and redrawn by people's unpredictable movements. This, combined with random generative software, created infinitely different living artworks that were never the same. The result was an immersive and interactive experience that showcased the true power of play.

“Canal Convergence’s emphasis on immersive, interactive experiences couldn’t be more aligned with our mission to enable these types of experiences,” said Howard Rose, senior product manager at Panasonic Connect. “Projection mapping installations help create living artworks, like Iregular’s DICE, so visitors can engage in creativity in new and exciting ways. As consumers crave interactive experiences more and more, collaborations between technologists, artists, and events are growing in importance and driving the industry forward.”

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Photo credit: David Blakeman  

Canal Convergence continues to push boundaries and set new standards for interactive art installations, and this year's event was no exception. With the help of Panasonic Connect’s projection technology, attendees were able to experience art in a whole new way, highlighting the importance of play and creativity in our lives.

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