3 ways Disney World delivers magic with digital signage

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Unparalleled in creating unforgettable guest experiences, learn how Disney World uses digital signage to create a bit of extra magic.


When I visited Walt Disney World this month, I noticed how the happiest place on earth also happens to feature a large amount of digital signage. At all four of its parks, and its waiting areas, Disney World is using digital signage to help deliver a little extra magic for its guests.

The park is specifically using digital signage to help guests stay safe, keep informed and keep entertained.

Keep guests safe

On more intense rides, every amusement park needs a system to keep guests safe by delivering clear safety instructions. Disney World uses digital signage to make this easier.

At the ride Mission Space in the Epcot park, Disney World uses videos to inform guests of safety protocols. The video features a fictional space training facility where several trainers get guests hyped up for the ride by explaining their mission and the space craft they will be using.

The videos also feature videos of the actual cockpit of the simulator so guests get a clear picture of the ride and safety protocols. The characters also explicitly state the more intense version of Mission Space, "Mission Orange," features spinning and G-forces. It encourages guests feeling a bit squeamish to check out the less intense version of the ride known as "Mission Green."

Soarin', a ride in Epcot, also uses videos of actor Patrick Wahlberg dressed up as a pilot giving safety instructions and directions on where to store their bags.

Keep guests informed

Disney World also uses digital signage to keep guests informed on wait times.

One of the most frustrating parts of visiting amusement parks is waiting in line, especially in the hot Florida sun. Disney World helps alleviate this stress by using simple LED displays embedded in the ride signs, which tell guests how long the wait is for a current ride in minutes.

With this tool, guests can more easily plan their days, and see if they want to stand in line or check out something else. This information is also automatically synced with Disney World’s app, so guests can check out wait times for the entire park.

Keep guests entertained

Even with all these tools, guests will still have to wait in line. Disney World can even make lines feel "magical" with various projectors and displays.

At the ride Peter Pan’s Flight in Magic Kingdom, the line features a variety of projectors, which create the illusion of Tinkerbell flying around the room, messing with various objects, such as a toy chest. The projectors also create various shadows on the wall, such as bells, which guests can reach up to ring, creating a satisfying sound.

At the Soarin' ride, Disney World features live content from its app, “Play Disney,” where guests can compete with each other in trivia matches by joining team. The displays showcase each question as it arrives, then it reveals the answer and shows which team got the most right answers in real time.

It's all about customer experience

The reason Disney World is known as the most magical place on earth is that it is focused on the customer experience. Everything in the park is designed for this purpose, from the animatronics to the shows to the displays.

While you may not be trying to create a "magical experience," for guests, you can certainly learn from this customer experience focus. Whether you are a retailer or a theme park owner, your digital signage can help keep guests engaged, informed and safe.

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