Panasonic Introduces New Solutions for Immersive and Collaborative Experiences

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As the demand for compelling entertainment experiences increases, the need for turnkey solutions to create streamlined, powerful productions is at an all-time high. At the same time, classroom and conference room experiences are shifting to address the need for flexible remote work and learning. When collaborating with coworkers or students, or producing a live event, engaging and immersive experiences are critical.


When it comes to virtual meetings and classroom instruction, and especially when streaming live events remotely, the technology behind these experiences is multifaceted. Today, Panasonic unveils projector, professional display and professional video solutions for live entertainment and events as well as additions to its AV technology portfolio to deliver new tools for enabling highly interactive and engaging collaboration.


Immersive Experiences for Live Entertainment and Events


As at-home entertainment continues to offer more compelling experiences, audience expectations are higher than ever for more immersive, premium experiences. The producers behind these events and performances are working with smaller crews and leaner productions, and they need cost-effective and streamlined video production workflows. With the introduction of new laser projectors, professional displays and professional video solutions, Panasonic helps bring these productions to life.


Live event audiences, exhibition guests, museumgoers, as well as house of worship congregations want to feel like they are immersed in the experiences they are attending. Producers need technology that can deliver on audience expectations. But they also need devices that are designed for easy setup, and with Panasonic’s Smart Projector Control, device setup is streamlined via smart phone. For these audiences, the bright, vivid colors and excellent white-balance accuracy from the new PT-RZ990 Series and PT-RQ35K laser projectors provide realistic, clear, crisp and high-quality color-rich image reproduction putting guests at the center of the action. Professional displays, like the new SQ1H and SQE1 Series showcase the experience on-screen with sharp, clear, easy-to-read 4K visuals – even in outdoor locations competing with ambient light.


As audiences become more accustomed to remote streaming content, experiences must be rich and engaging even when not taking place in person. Live events can be made more easily accessible by incorporating technology that supports remote productions. Combining the new IT/IP video processing platform, KAIROS – combined with remote PTZ robotic cameras, such as the AW-UE100, or studio-quality devices, such as the new AK-HC390 – brings the full entertainment experience to remote audiences. KAIROS offers a native-IP, open-architecture system that is resolution and format independent for complete input and output flexibility. As a native IP system, KAIROS supports transitions to live uncompressed IP workflows and can eliminate the constraints of dedicated hardware – critical for streamlining productions.


Interactive Collaboration for the Classroom or Conference Room


Information sharing and collaboration have always been essential to creating productive learning and work environments. Today’s classes and meetings require flexible and interactive technology, which is why Panasonic is introducing a complete portfolio of integrated and intuitive collaborative solutions. New projectors such as the PT-LRZ35 Series and PT-FRZ60 Series are ideal for smaller classrooms and meeting spaces, while still offering highly visible, clear, bright images in well-lit rooms with minimal noise operation. New Displays such as the CQE1W and BQ1W Series are simple to use and encourage collaboration. The BQ1W Series even offers the option to switch effortlessly between display and whiteboard mode. Panasonic’s existing EQ1 offers new collaborative functionality, now compatible with Cisco Webex Room Kits


Especially as students and teachers pivot from classroom to distance learning and as professionals adapt to remote work, these experiences must be replicated to preserve interactive and engaging collaboration. With the new ‘PressIT’ Wireless Presentation System, meetings are more efficient, while sharing information quickly among attendees. The ‘PressIT’ Wireless Presentation System is a plug-and-play wireless presentation system designed to eliminate the need for cables and facilitates content sharing. To streamline these advanced technologies, the system requires no setup, software or driver installation and allows up to four presenters at a time to display visual and audio content.


Panasonic AV tool provides one standard, whether on campus or across multiple remote locations, along with exceptional service and support for simple, easy and flexible installation. With the right combination of AV tools, customers can effectively make in-person events and collaboration more immersive and engaging. Today, recreating in-person collaboration virtually is a new challenge, but one that should not sacrifice the quality of these experiences for live entertainment and events as well as collaboration in the conference room or the classroom.