How digital signage can help schools reopen

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Digital signage solutions will play a key role in keeping students, teachers and staff safe and comfortable as schools begin to reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital signage can deliver in a wide range of applications, from interactive wayfinding and digital menu boards to student communications and contactless solutions.

The central goal is simple — to provide safety and peace of mind for everyone in an educational space.

Empowering communication in educational spaces

The most critical factor for any reopening strategy, be it for an educational facility, corporate office or brick-and-mortar retailer, is communication.

Effective communication provides a feeling of being informed and proactive, and that confidence in strategies aimed at promoting health and wellness as the world moves toward new normal results in better overall experiences.

Specifically, digital signage improves communication by:

Enabling better wayfinding strategies

  • Interactive and clear wayfinding has always been critical to helping visitors, students and more navigate through a school or educational campus, but the role of wayfinding has taken on even greater importance in this uncertain era. Easy-to-understand and impactful digital signage solutions can encourage wayfinding that preserves social distancing, helps students feel in control of their surroundings, and avoids confusion that can lead to overcrowding and unsafe conditions.
  • Disseminating key information and updates. When things can change by the minute, an educational facility's ability to keep its occupants informed is crucial to success in reopening. Students, teachers and staff need to be made aware of emergency notifications, updated protocols, changes in meeting location, and more as soon as possible, and visible, clear digital signage is the most efficient way to achieve this goal.
  • Powering contactless solutions. Interactive displays can still thrive, even in an environment where touch-enabled functionality is a concern. Voice integration, QR code technology and more can make displays both functional and safe, empowering more interactivity and engagement without sacrificing peace of mind.

Leveraging digital signage in education

Digital signage solutions enable an efficient, cost-effective and powerful way to address specific new normal-related needs in the education industry.

Reopening safely is not only possible — it's entirely achievable, provided school districts, college campuses and more utilize the digital signage tools available to them to provide an empowering, comforting and safe environment.

These solutions can also easily tie into existing environments and systems, meaning less downtime and more agility to hit the ground running.


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