Presenting Without Wires: How wireless technology helps take some of the work out of work life

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We’re all familiar with wireless technology and the benefits provided in regard to our personal relationships with technology. However, in business, it’s all too common companies and workers are tied down to the constraints presented by their wired, legacy systems.

Delivering presentations or needing to share screens with co-workers is a fundamental part of corporate life. Going wireless not only opens the door to seamless interactions with technology, but to fluid, undisturbed presentations at work or wherever you need to information share and brainstorm with your collaborators. Making meetings more efficient, while sharing information quickly among meeting attendees, Panasonic’s PressIT Wireless Presentation System is a plug-and-play wireless presentation system designed to eliminate the need for cables while facilitating content sharing between different PCs.


Discover the benefits of Panasonic’s PressIT wireless presentation system:

1. Streamlines Meeting Setup

Modernizing your conference rooms with a wireless presentation system prevents meetings from becoming frustratingly delayed as a result of complicated connection issues or software installations.


With PressIT’s wireless screen-sharing technology just connect, click and present.


2. Boosts collaboration  

Once meetings are underway, wireless technology gives everyone the opportunity to provide input

Up to 4 inputs can be displayed simultaneously for all to see and contribute to, allowing conversations to remain fluid.


Plus, with just one click, any team member can join or lead the discussion, without the hassle of stops and starts as a result of cable or device changeovers.


Group size isn’t an issue because the system can connect to – and switch instantly between – up to 32 devices at one time.


And quality isn’t compromised either. You’re still guaranteed full, crystal-clear HD resolution and smooth video content that’s free from delay and lag.

3. Promotes Success in Hybrid Work Configurations

A recent report found hybrid workforce models are embraced by 63% of high-revenue growth companies. With workers joining meetings from many different places it’s vital that technology supports the hybrid workforce so businesses can thrive and retain staff. Employees need the flexibility to simply show up, switch on and get started.


PressIT facilitates the growing bring your own device (BYOD) movement. Compatible with all operating systems, attendees can bring their own hardware to sessions, yet still participate and present – no extra software or app installations are needed.  


Plus, the plug-and-play format lends itself to rapid machine connection, no matter the device hardware or software.


4. Saves on time, money and resources

The added bonus of BYOD is that it’s healthier for your IT budget. It reduces the need for expensive hardware upgrades and software spend, while lowering troubleshooting resource demands.


So, whether your colleagues are on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, they can connect and interact seamlessly.


5. Attract top talent

For the next generation of workers – and customers, too – flexible hybrid working, and the ability to BYOD is a must-have. New team members – whether internal employees or valued customers – will seek greater collaboration and more meaningful connections.


Providing wireless tech not only supports but improves multiple device compatibility will allow organizations to attract, and retain, top talent.


In addition, those organizations with a wireless infrastructure that enables remote and hybrid working will be able choose from a wider pool of candidates, as distance will no longer be a barrier to entry.


In short, wireless technology will be the catalyst for conducting more productive meetings, for saving time, for increasing the uptake of ideas, and for attracting a top tier network of individuals.


Working without wires will do far more than simply making the future of working life easier.