Digital Signage: A Powerful Tool in Personal Branding Strategy

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Digital signage enables brands to spread their message to people across the globe on various platforms. This article highlights how to use the technology to maintain an edge over competition. 

Professionals and entrepreneurs alike agree that using technology is vital to being relevant today. While an outstanding resume and a solid online presence are important, making yourself stand out using your personal brand is essential to reaching your target audience.

One of the best contemporary examples of personal branding is Kim Kardashian. Her life is her brand! She has stood above the other Kardashian/Jenner clan members, all of whom can also claim to be among the most famous personal brands.

There are numerous routes to a highly visible personal brand and digital signage from is proving to be a powerful ally. Let’s explore what personal branding encompasses and how you can use today’s expanding digital technology to make it work.

What is Personal Branding?

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos

Your personal brand brings together your unique set of experiences and skills, merging them with the qualities and values that make you individual. Unlike commercial branding, personal branding carries with it the purpose of presenting yourself, both online and offline, in ways that set you apart.

So, what are the qualities of a strong and relevant personal brand?

  • Identity – who you are and the values you align with. This includes your strengths, personal and professional interests, and your areas of expertise.
  • Consistency – spreading a consistent message, which includes homogeneous values and image across all social media channels. Consistency is essential in creating trust and reliability.
  • Differentiation – finding what makes you stand out is a vital part of personal branding and this involves highlighting your unique skills, life experiences, perspectives, morals, skills, talents and values.
  • Visibility – your personal brand doesn’t mean anything if it’s not out there for the world to see. Maximize your visibility by reaching your target audience on a variety of relevant platforms. This might include publishing written work, speaking engagements, attending networking events and creating an online portfolio of your past and current work.
  • Authenticity – while you create your personal brand, you don’t want to get away from who you really are, but instead want to leverage that as part of the process. Align your actions and words with your belief system for the best results.
  • Values – your target audience should be able to get a sense of your personal values from your personal brand. Whatever that happens to be, make sure it makes you unique and valuable.

Regardless of what your goals are, and chances are, they aren’t the same as everyone else, a strong personal brand is one way to help you get there. This will help you make a name for yourself in your industry and prove your value to the world around you.

The six elements to create a personal brand are:

  1. Master your craft
  2. Become known for something
  3. Leverage your assets (what you have)
  4. Transform the personal into the business
  5. Don’t do it if it doesn’t match your personal brand
  6. Advance your brand through social media

How Can Digital Signage Promote Your Personal Brand?

“You don’t build a personal brand overnight. It takes time, effort, and patience.” – Mark Schaefer

Digital signs are interactive and animated, presenting opportunities for greater engagement with customers, as well as making it easier to reach a wider audience, increasing your customer base and revenue. Often used in the commercial realm, more people recognize the powerful way digital signage can help promote a personal brand.

Putting your personal brand out there is arguably quite difficult, particularly in a world that is regularly bombarded with information that is in your face. To really set yourself apart, using digital signage allows you to showcase your speaking engagement, workshop, class schedule, or other event so that you can attract your target audience. How else can digital signage help? Check it out below.

  • Increases visibility – display your personal brand in high traffic areas, which is a simple way to build brand recognition.
  • Engages customers – using QR codes, touchscreens, and social media boosts customer engagement, making your personal brand memorable.
  • Control content – when you operate a digital sign, you have full control over what you display, ensuring everything you put up aligns with your values and message.
  • Professionalism – not only do digital signs look professional, but they prove that you are up to date on current technology trends.
  • Consistency – with digital signs, creating a consistent brand and image across all platforms is simple.
  • Differentiation – when it comes to making yourself unique, digital signage is an effective way to stand out.
  • Flexibility – you can take control of when changes and updates are made and displayed, as well as adapt your content to current events, special events, and other relevant happenings.


As you can see, the benefits of having a personal brand are closely aligned with the benefits of using digital signage. Digital signage lets you broadcast your personal brand around the world on various platforms, reaching a wider and more diverse audience interested in the value you offer with your brand. Your signs and your personal brand are there to create memories, build relationships and engage with your contacts, so put them both to good use, starting right now.


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