Can you hear and see me okay? Achieving meeting equity in the hybrid workplace

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How many times have you sat in a virtual meeting mashing the "volume up" button because you couldn't hear the in-office person speaking or refreshing your window because everyone's screen froze? These are all-too-common experiences for remote workers, which often leave them feeling tired, unproductive, and demoralized. 

As companies increasingly incorporate hybrid work models that include on-site and remote employees, it's more important than ever for them to invest in providing an equitable experience for their employees regardless of work location. Both remote and in-person employees need to be able to communicate, contribute, and share their ideas.

While creating meeting equity for a hybrid workforce can be challenging, investing in the right technology solutions can help to ensure that valuable input from all of your employees doesn't go unnoticed. The infographic below outlines why companies need to end hybrid meeting equity and how. 


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Justine Hunter