On The Road With The Panasonic Innovations In PTZ Camera Tour

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On Wednesday, June 5, 2019, we kicked off the first of four events of our Panasonic Innovations In PTZ Camera Tour. At these free seminars, you can check out our PRO PTZ remote camera systems, including the new AW-UE150 4K HDR 60p performance PRO PTZ camera and the intuitive AW-RP150 touchscreen controller. We’re also demonstrating our PTZ cameras with the Tecnopoint TUNING system, which gives you added production value in building a cost-effective studio with broadcast-style on-air movements.

We sat down with the busy Panasonic PTZ Product Manager Hamid James, who discusses the roadshow, Panasonic’s PTZ technology, as well as the future of robotic production.

PTZ Product Manager Hamid James

QUESTION: What is the purpose of the PTZ roadshow?

HAMID JAMES: The purpose of the PTZ roadshow is two-fold. First, it’s celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Panasonic being in the PTZ industry. Second, we're educating our end users and resellers on our PTZ lineup and how our products can be used in different applications, market and verticals.

Q: Who should attend the PTZ roadshow?

JAMES: The people who would want to attend will be users who currently are using traditional box cameras to create content in a production environment. Also, users who are looking to reduce their operational costs in a production suite where they have a number of manned cameras to capture shots at different angles. Our PTZ cameras will not only reduce operational costs, but will give you the flexibility to create a more open environment to produce a better show.

Attendees check out PTZ cameras and controllers at Panasonic Hollywood Labs in Los Angeles, CA.

Q: So more flexibility in live environments as well?

JAMES: Yes, definitely. For sports environments, you can mount a PTZ camera in a location where an operator would probably not need to go. You can zoom into different places that are happening live. You can also use a PTZ in a House of Worship environment where the pastor is moving back and forth on stage and the PTZ is mounted in such a way that you can get a wide or tight shot, and the PTZ can track the subject on stage. Again, it’s a lot more flexible than a traditional manned operator in that it gives you more control in the different presets that you can repeat over and over.

Q: Can you talk a little about the Tecnopoint Tuning robotic systems? How will they benefit a production?

The AW-UE150 is our 4K HDR 60p performance PRO PTZ camera

JAMES: The Tecnopoint system is fully integrated with our PTZ cameras themselves. The advantage is that the dolly moves in the X-axis, which allows you to get different shots and smooth movement across the tracks. We also have a totem that moves across the Y-axis so you get high angle verticals. The key thing is because the PTZ is integrated within the dolly system, not only do you get movement with the dolly and the rise of the totem, but it also gives you zoom, focus, pan and tilt -- all in one. When you create a preset, once you hit that button, the PTZ along with the dolly will move to that particular position and the camera will pan and tilt and zoom to that preset you created. The traditional dolly system only moves back and forth but the operator will still need to position the camera to the shot that they need and they’ll still need to zoom and focus for that particular shot. Because the PTZ is integrated within the Tecnopoint, this allows a smoother auto transition all in one. This is the key distinction.

Tecnopoint Tuning Robotic Systems overview video

Q: What do you think the future of PTZ cameras will look like?

JAMES: We’re getting a lot of inquires from a lot of non-event type productions. The reason why that they’re showing a lot of interest in our PTZ cameras is because the technology has transitioned to a much higher production quality that is on par with our broadcast cameras. It’s also networkable so you can sit on the network and record and live stream content to your end devices. With our new AW-UE150, it also does V-Log for more dynamic range and to match our family of V-Log cameras. It also outputs the V.R. protocol so you’re getting all of these professional features. As I said before, our PTZs reduce manned operation, which greatly reduces costs. It checks all of the boxes.

The PTZ Roadshow moves on to Seattle, WA (Wednesday, June 19) followed by Dallas, TX (Wednesday, June 27) and Troy, MI (Tuesday, July 2).

To register for individual dates on the Panasonic Innovations In PTZ Camera Tour, visit…

Seattle, WA (Wednesday, June 19), Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center

Dallas, TX (Wednesday, June 27), Four Points by Sheraton Dallas Fort Worth Airport North

Troy, MI (Tuesday, July 2), Creative Day Technologies

At each event, food and refreshments will be served. Spaces are filling up fast so be sure to register and reserve your space today for one of the locations listed above.