5 Tips For Creating an Engaging Virtual Education Experience

2 min read

While schools continue to grapple with the transition to remote and hybrid learning, roughly 1.38 billion learners are impacted by national school closures worldwide. The drastic increase in remote and hybrid learners, however, may come with its upsides as some estimate that e-learning increases retention rates 25-60%, while retention rates for in-person schooling can be as low as 8-10%.

As higher education institutions continue to transform traditional classrooms to those that accommodate the virtual and blended learning experience, faculty members are looking to technology to do the heavy lifting to ensure that all classes – lectures and labs alike – go smoothly.

From interactive projectors and displays to PTZ cameras, Panasonic’s AV solutions are being used to capture and share class materials in ways that students can digest whether learning from home or the classroom. With crisp audio and visual capabilities, the virtual classroom can be as dynamic a learning experience as ever, helping students feel connected and engaged to their teachers and professors.

To learn how to maximize virtual learning, take a look at our five tips for creating engaging and rewarding learning experiences with technology: